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anglissima is my own project as a "lone" freelancer.

For some projects, however, cooperation is a source of strength.
Sometimes the project is not possible without it.

This is especially true for conference interpreting. No respectable conference interpreter will work alone in his booth for a whole day. So I often share my booth with

Uta G. Barth
Diplom-Sprachmittlerin for English and Spanish
Conference interpreter


Marlene Neumann
Diplom-Sprachmittlerin for Russian and English
Warnowallee 6
18107 Rostock
Phone: +49-381-721881

Where necessary, we also work together as translators as a team that can handle extensive and demanding projects to meet your requirements.
For work involving Polish,

Horst Polaszek
Magister Ingenieur
Interpreter and translator for Polish (taken under general oath)

is also part of the team.

With my membership in professional associations

BDÜ - Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators in Germany
ADÜ Nord - Associated Interpreters and Translators in North Germany
Association of Conference Interpreters in the BDÜ

and networks of media professionals

  texttreff   webgrrls  

I can call on experienced interpreters and translators for other languages, copywriters, artists and web designers to handle projects which require a larger team.

You, too, can harness this potential for your business success!

If you have any questions or would like more information,
please contact me by e-mail to
or by phone under +49-395-7791817 or +49-171-1257036.

I look forward to working with you.


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