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What will it cost if anglissima does the work for you?

anglissima stands for accurate interpreting, competent translation and imaginative copywriting – in other words, the quality which will enhance your business success. That is what I earn my fee for. And the fee is influenced by many different factors:

  • What should I interpret, where, under what circumstances and for how long?
  • How extensive is the translation? Is it a specialist text, advertising or general correspondence, is it for internal use or for publication? When and on what medium should I deliver the work?
  • Who should I write for, on what subject, how complex are the subject matter, the briefing and the research, where and how often will the text be used?

As you see, interpreting, translation and copywriting are wide-ranging tasks for which there is not a standard price.
Your order is unique, so the price will be individual, too.

I invoice conference interpreting at a daily rate which includes preparation and research. Travelling times and any necessary overnight accommodation are normally paid by the client.
For other types of interpreting without any travelling time or with only a short total duration, a half-day rate or even an hourly rate may be possible.

I will be pleased to calculate my fee on the basis that you prefer - a fee per word, per 1000 words, per line or per hour.
A fixed lump sum price to simplify your budget calculation is also possible. However, I need to see the entire text to be translated before the lump sum is agreed.

Copywriting / editing
I write your text or edit existing texts at an hourly rate. I compile text for websites at a price per page. For press releases and other work for advertising purposes, I submit a project price when I know what you expect.

The more exactly I know what services I can offer you, the more specific I can be in the price that I offer.

Please send your request to or
do not hesitate to call +49-395-7791817 or +49-171-1257036.


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